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Section G Personnel


Policy              Title

GADA Employment References and Verification (Prohibiting Aiding & Abetting of Sexual Abuse)
GBAA  Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees (4152)
GBAA-R Employee Discrimination/Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure
GBCD Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check (4160)
GBCE Data Governance and Security Policy (new)
GBEA Staff Ethics (4155)
GBEBC Gifts to School Personnel (1313)
GBEC Drug Free Workplace (4153)
GBGA Physical Examinations for School Employees (4114.1)
GBI Staff Engaging in Political Activities (1311.1)
GBJ Personnel Records (4112.2)
GBK Complaints and Grievances (4117.2)
GCA Job Descriptions – All Positions (2101)
GCCBC Family and Medical Leave Act (4146)
GCCBD Employee Leaves of Absence (4146.1)
GCF Recruitment, Selections, Hiring (4110)
GCG Substitute Teachers (4154)
GCO Professional Evaluations (4118.1)
GCRD Tutoring for Pay (4134)
GDA Insurance (4144)
GDM Support Staff Professional Learning (4131)