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Section D Fiscal Management


Section D contains policies on school finances and the management of funds.  Polices on the financing of school construction and renovation, however, ae filed in Section F, Facilities Development.

DA Fiscal Management Goals (3140)
DA-1 Rescinded 8/4/2021
DAF Administration of Federal Grants
DAF-1 Allowability
DAF-2 Cash Management and Fund Control
DAF-3 Procurement
DAF-4 Procurement - Additional Provisions Pertinent to Food Service Program
DAF-5 Conflict of Interest and Mandatory Disclosures
DAF-6 Inventory Management - Equipment and Supplies Purchased with Federal Funds
DAF-7 Reimbursement - Federal Funds
DAF-8 Accountability and Certifications
DAF-9 Time-Effort Reporting / Oversight
DAF-10 Grant Budget Reconciliation
DAF-11 Sub-Recipient Monitoring and Management
DB Annual Budget (3110)
DBC Budget Planning (3120)
DBI Budget Implementation (3130)
DBJ Transfer of Appropriation (3160)
DFA Investment (3292)
DGA Authorized Signatures (3327)
DH Bonded Employees(3550)
DI Fiscal Accounting & Reporting (3610)
DIA Fund Balance (3650)
DID Fixed Assets Management (3670)
DIE Audits (3640)
DIH Fraud Prevention & Fiscal Management (3660)
DJ-1 School District Property (6166)
DJB Purchasing Procedure  (3324)
DJC Petty Cash (3325)
DJD Bidding Policy (3323)
DJDA Bidding Procedures (3323.1)
DK Payments, Checks, and Manifests
DKA Payroll Procedures (3340)
DM Cash in School Buildings (3680)
DN Disposition of Books, Supplies, & Equipment (3250)