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Section B School Board Governance and Operations


Section B contains policies, on the School Board – how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the Board operates.  This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the Board’s internal operating procedures.

BAAA Policies and Rules Development Involvement (8310)
BBA Board-Superintendent Duties  (2010.2)
BBA-R School Board Members (9270)
BBB Term of Office (9110.1)
BBB-1 Number of Board Members (9110)
BBBA Qualifications (9111)
BBBC Resignation (9111.3)
BBBD Removal From Office (9111.4)
BBBE Unexpired Term (9111.2)
BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest (8345)
BDA Regulations and Policies of the Ashland School Board (9100)
BDB Method of Election (9111.1)
BDD Board-Superintendent Relations (2010.2)
BDF Advisory Committee (1220)
BEA School Board Meetings (1121)
BEAB School Board Use of Electronic Mail (9367.1)
BEAB-1 Meeting Conduct (9368)
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Parliamentary Procedures:  Voting  (9368.2)
BEDH Public Participation at School Board Meetings (8344)
BGB Adoption and Amendment of By-Laws (9320)
BGB-1 Adoption and Amendment of Regulations (9330)
BGC Policy Review (9325)
BGF Suspension of Policies (9340)