Section E contains polices, regulations, and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safet, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.

Policy Title
EB  Safety Program/Joint Loss Management Committee (also Policy JLI) (3710)
EBB Safe Schools (also Policy ADD) (5165)
EBBB Accident Reports Requirements and Record Keeping (3720)
EBBC Emergency Care and First Aid (3725)
EBBC-1 Blood Borne Pathogens Policy (3734)
EBBC-2 Emergency Care Staff (4140)
EBBD Air Quality (7100)
EBBD-1 Indoor Air Quality (3726)
EBCC Bomb Threats (5160)
ECAF Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses
EEA Student Transportation (3541.31)
EEAA Video and Audio Recording in School Classrooms (5185)
EEAE Bus Safety Program (3543)
EEAG Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students (3544)
EFA Availability & Distribution of Healthy Foods and Beverage (5155)
EFAA Free and Reduced Price Lunch Policy (new)  (3540)
EGAD Copyright Compliance (6180)
EHB Records:  Policies and Procedures (5124)
EHB-R Business Records Retention (3546)
EI Slip, Trip, and Fall (3545)
EJ Ergonimic Policy (3735)
EJA Fall Protection Policy (3736)
EJB Hand Tool Policy (3737)
EJC Housekeeping Policy (3738)
EJC-1 Hygiene and Sanitation Policy (3739)
EJC-2 Washing Facilities Policy (3750)
EJD Fixed Ladder Policy (3740)
EJD-1 Equipment Lockout Policy (3741)
EJD-2 Machine Guarding Policy (3742)
EJD-3 Personal Protective Equipment Policy (3744)
EJD-4 Railings Policy (3745)
EJE Storage Policy (3747)
EJF Toxic Substance Policy (3748)
EJG Trash Policy (3749)
EJH Seat Belt Policy (3751)

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